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Start the New Year out Right!

It is our mission to sift through hundreds of emerging companies in order
to bring our readers that micro-cap diamond that will put them on the road
of financial independence.

In AlgoDyne Methanol Energy we have found a clear winner.  Do not
miss this opportunity.  This one is going to start the year off with a bang!!!

Company:  ADYN

Current Price:           $1.32
Short Term Target:       $3.50
Long Term Projected    $10.00

Check the recent news from this company.  They are in negotiations with
HUGE Asian investors.  They are forming partnerships with major players. 
They are developing some INCREDIBLE technology.  This is a company
on the move.

And this is just the start.  Very soon we expect to see an incredible
revelation come out of this company.  The time is now.  Don't hesitate!


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